Discover Pickleball in Garden City, Utah

Are you looking for something fun to do when you visit Garden City, Utah? Pickleball Bear Lake! Have you ever heard of pickleball? This sport is a combination of badminton, table tennis, and tennis and can be enjoyed by all ages. Let’s explore why you should check out the pickleball courts in Garden City.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three dads who wanted an entertaining game that their children could easily play. The game combines elements from badminton, table tennis, and tennis. It is played on a court that is smaller than a traditional tennis court but larger than a ping-pong table.

It uses paddles and a soft, plastic ball with holes in it to slow down its speed. The game features both singles and doubles matches and can be played indoors or outdoors. In fact, pickleball has become the fastest growing sport in the United States!

Where to Play Pickleball in Garden City

Garden City offers multiple pickleball courts for visitors to use free of charge. Garden City has an abundance of options for all skill levels!

One of the most popular outdoor spots to enjoy pickleball is the Pickleball Courts in Garden City.One is about 1 block north of the corner of Logan Road and North 300 West. The other is about 1/2 mile south at Heritage Park. Both are open to the public. No equipment is available to rent. Reservations are not needed.



69 N Paradise Pkwy, Garden City, UT 84028


41.948394612195, -111.40058666468

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