Logan Canyon is the canyon that connects Cache Valley and Bear Lake. Most traffic coming through Utah to Bear Lake comes through this canyon. Bear Lake has all sorts of magical stops and adventures, but if you really want to make the most of your vacation: take advantage of the Logan Canyon Hikes and stops.

Here are 3 Stops in Logan Canyon On the Way to Bear Lake that we love:

Hobbit Caves

The Hobbit Caves in Logan Canyon are a fun little spot to explore and stretch your legs on your way to Bear Lake. You don’t have to go too far off the beaten path to see something special and unique. There’s even a cute little waterfall for the whole family to enjoy!

One spot might take a bit of bravery, crossing the river. Don’t worry, you won’t have to get wet. Someone has placed some steady & strong boards as a makeshift bridge. This is part of the fun adventure! Enjoy the little waterfall while you get up the courage to cross. It’s beautiful scenery. Be careful, though, as the boards may be slippery.

Just beyond the river, the woods open up to the magical Hobbit Caves. Explore and enjoy!

Here’s how to get there:

Turn right at the right-hand fork canyon exit, and drive about 1/4 mile. You’ll pass a few cabins. There will be a gravel pull-off on the right-hand side to park. Now, just walk down the short hill to the river. It’s only about a 5-minute detour depending on how long you decide to explore. 

Tony Grove Lake and Hike

Tony Grove is a lovely alpine lake with a short, beautiful hike around it. This area is stunning no matter what season you visit! *Although, I wouldn’t recommend it in the winter as you might get stuck!

The lake is just under 10 miles off of the main Logan Canyon road, but the road is nicely paved and recently restored. Tony Grove is certainly worth the side trip. There are restrooms and a spacious parking lot. There are longer trails that leave from this parking area, if you’re up for a bigger adventure, like White Pine lake. To explore the Tony Grove Lake trail, you begin just past the bathroom area. 

There is a day-use fee for visiting Tony Grove during the busy season. It is a $10 honor system to support this beautiful area. 

This walk borders the lake. Sometimes, you can see to the bottom. Legends tell that this is a popular spot for Bigfoot, so keep your eyes out, and please grab a picture if you see one! You’re probably more likely to see a moose, if not here, keep looking as you drive through the canyon. We have spotted a great big owl in the grove recently.

Toward the end (or beginning, depending on which way you decide to start your loop) there is a fun boardwalk! There’s a beach that is a great entry for kayaks, paddle boards, or a good spot for kids to play. We especially like to meander through the aspen grove here! The colors are stunning. Fall is gorgeous, of course, and if you time it right, you’ll see wildflowers in the summer! 

Here’s how to get there:

From Cache Valley, drive 19 miles up Logan Canyon and turn left at the sign for Tony Grove. From the other end, Bear Lake to Tony Grove, it’s around 25 miles or about 45 minutes. 

Limber Pine

This is a family favorite hike just before you get to Bear Lake. It provides shaded yet sunny & bright, wide paths, and stunning forest views!

You will see a beautiful lookout view of Bear Lake sparkling in the valley below. There is a little elevation climb, but it’s considered an easy hike. The trail is well-marked and well-taken care of. Make sure to see the infamous Limber Pine tree, known for the merging of multiple trees together, and the funky twisty tree that makes for a unique photo op while on this adventure! 

Here’s how to find it:

On your way to Bear Lake from Logan, it’s just beyond mile marker 492 (about 30 miles up the canyon) you’ll see a small parking lot on the south side of the road, past the Rich County border.

Not sure where to stay when you get there? Come stay at our gorgeous place.