A Home Away From Home: Why Legacy Beach Resort Vacation Rental is Perfect for your Next Group Getaway | Bear Lake Utah Vacation

Have you and your friends been thinking about getting away for a weekend? Are you looking for the perfect place to make memories and enjoy quality time together? You need a Bear Lake Utah Vacation! Look no further than Legacy Beach Resort, located on Bear Lake in beautiful Utah.

Our vacation rental provides luxurious amenities, vast entertainment options, and access to some of the most breathtaking natural scenery on the planet. Let’s explore why this should be your next destination. 

Pool & Hot Tub 

Let’s start with the pool and hot tub – arguably two of the best features of our vacation rental! Our resort has an outdoor swimming pool that overlooks the lake, so you can relax after a day of sightseeing and take in breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of our pool deck.

There’s also a hot tub available for those who prefer to soak their cares away. And don’t forget that we have private beach access, so you can take a dip in Bear Lake as well! 

Entertainment Options 

We understand that when you go on a group getaway, there is usually not one shared activity that everyone wants to do. That is why we have provided plenty of entertainment options at our vacation rental.

We have four kayaks complete with life jackets so that you can explore Bear Lake up close and personal. There are board games and card games if any of your party members prefer indoor activities. We also have FOUR Smart TVs with Netflix, Disney+, or Plex streaming services. 

And if it turns out that more people want to join than expected – no problem! Our rental sleeps 16+, comes with extra roll-out beds, portable cribs and blankets so that everyone feels comfortable. Plus there are two large hosting rooms where everyone can gather around to socialize or watch movies together without feeling cramped up. 

At Legacy Beach Resort Vacation Rental we take pride in providing everything needed for an unforgettable group getaway experience. That’s why we have luxury amenities such as a pool and hot tub with a view of Bear Lake; entertainment options like kayaking, board games, movies and are within walking distance from town centers and parks alike. Everything needed is right here!

So don’t wait any longer – book now with us today to ensure your next group getaway will be nothing short of amazing!   ​​​​