Bear Lake: The Perfect Spot for Extended Family Pictures

Picture the perfect day spent with your extended family. Sitting on the beach, watching the kids play in the sand, and taking memorable pictures together. That’s what happened when Kylee Ann Photography captured an extended family session at Bear Lake this summer.

Located in Utah, Bear Lake is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. From crystal-clear blue waters to majestic mountain views, it’s no surprise why this location was chosen for these beautiful pictures!

The Location: Bear Lake

Bear Lake is located between Utah and Idaho and is known as one of the most scenic places in both states. The lake itself is 20 miles long with nearly 100 miles of shoreline. With plenty of outdoor activities to choose from—like fishing, snowmobiling, boating, swimming, hiking—it’s not hard to see why so many people flock to this area each year!

In addition to its natural beauty, Bear Lake also offers plenty of lodging options like cabins and hotels that are near restaurants and shops. This makes it easy for travelers who want to stay overnight or even weekend trips!

When we heard that Kylee Ann Photography had taken extended family pictures at Bear Lake earlier this summer, we knew we had to learn more about it! Her photos captured the essence of what makes a vacation special—spending time with loved ones outdoors in a beautiful setting!

Nicole from KAP chose a variety of locations around the lake including sandy beach and a cute boardwalk. She also incorporated props like blankets or chairs into her shots so that everyone could sit back and enjoy each other’s company while she took their picture!

Whether you plan on visiting Bear Lake with your family or just passing through on vacation, it’s worth taking some time out from your travels to take advantage of this amazing place!

You won’t regret stopping by one of Utah’s most beloved destinations—especially if you have a talented photographer like Nicole or Kylee from Kylee Ann Photography capturing every moment along the way!

So pack your bags and get ready because there’s no better way to experience all that Bear Lake has to offer than by taking some extended family photos here!